WKo duced fan

WKo duced fan

Duct fans are really useful solution in many ventilation installations because of their easy construction, easy assembly and the low costs of construction and operation. They connect the advantages of axial and radial fans because they keep the axial air flow direction with the possibility of overcome the bigger installation resistances. WKO fans operation is characterized by the low volume emitted to the environment.

Duct fans are designed for use them in the intake and exhaust ventilating installations made in the industrial and general building engineering. Flowing air can be polluted with the vapors and corrosive gases and polluted with the gases within the limits which are permitted by the environment protection regulations.

Product description

Series of types of fans include 6 dimensions.
Fans consist in:
- casing made of plastic with the connecting spout to the ventilating installations
- highly efficient plastic centrifugal rotor with motr placed inside of the rotor

Working conditions

Duct fans can work in each position.
Permissible temperature of removed air is 50OC

Files to download

WKo catalogue sheet pdf 25.01.2018 1,17MB
Fans control and automatics pdf 25.01.2018 1,91MB