AGE electric air heating unit

AGE electric air heating unit

Heating and ventilation units with axial-flow fans are  used for heating and ventilation of such rooms as industrial shops, storerooms, warehouses, greenhouses etc. with surfaces from 30m2  to 150 m2.

Product description

The series of types of the unit consists of 6 sizes.
The unit consists of:
   -axial-flow fan;
   -electric heaters with aluminium ribs rolled in a spiral way with the outer diameter of a rib D=28 mm and the ribs     spacing s=2,8 mm;
   -exterior casing;
   -outlet grate;
   -control system.

Files to download

AGE catalogue sheet pdf 25.01.2018 1,09MB
AGE manual pdf 15.06.2018 424,85KB
Heating and ventilation units control and automatics pdf 25.01.2018 4,54MB