DSp destratifiers

DSp destratifiers

The DSP Destratifier is used to alleviate the heat stratification problems and to move the heat generated by local heat sources in any space from the ceiling to the floor. For best efficiency, they are recommended for spaces of ceiling heights up to 6 m.

Product description

The DSP Destratifier is available in two sizes.
They incorporate:
- axial-flow fan
- housing with confusor to increase the air blow, made of ABS
- fan on/off thermostat control

Working conditions

The DSP destratifier works intermittently, its switching on and off being controlled by the thermostat situated by the blower and preset to the temperature 5 - 10oC higher than the temperature of the area where men work.
The size and quantity of the destratifiers needed should be selected so that the air blowing range corresponds to ceiling height while the total air flow is between one and two volumes of the space.

Files to download

DSp catalogue sheet pdf 25.01.2018 1,21MB