Transformer speed controllers

Transformer speed controllers

ARW-...[-1,2; -3; -5] (1~230V/50Hz) five-speed transformer speed controllers or RTRD [-2;-4;-7] (3~400V/50Hz)  fans are intended for air flow control. Fan speeds are selected manually. The box should be supplied from main switchgear equipped with main switch breaker, differential protection as well as thermal and short circuit protection. Three sizes of the controller are available, differing  in terms of power supply and rated current.

Product description

ARW speed controller parameters

Type ARW-1,2  ARW-3 ARW-5

Voltage [V]

230 230 230
Height [mm] 123 173 280
Width [mm] 77 90 200
Depth [mm] 71 89 160
Protection level IP30 IP30 IP30

RTRD speed controller parameters


Voltage [V]

400 400 400
Height [mm] 255 309 309
Width [mm] 190 162 162
Depth [mm] 135 160 160
Protection level IP21 IP21 IP21

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