ZS control boxes

ZS control boxes

Power supply and control is designed to supply and control operation of single speed, double speed and explosion-proof fans.

The box incorporates:
- main switch
- overcurrent breakers
- contactors and relays
- signal lamps (operation, alarm).

All switchgear components manufactured by leading suppliers of electrical equipment provide the highest reliability. They are incorporated in the box enclosures equipped with a front cover. The actuating levers, adjustment knobs and signalling elements are adjusted from the outside. Internal connections are completely covered and protected to guarantee safe maintenance and normal operation. Other benefits of the Power Supply/Control Box include: large space to accommodate cable and terminals, high safety level, easy operation, servicing and maintenance and operator-friendly design. The size of the box depends on the number of connected fans; up to four devices can be connected to a single box.

Product description

For special requirements, the Power Supply/Control Box can be adapted to accommodate other controls and actuating components and to control parameters, in particular, temperature, humidity and timer (controls the operation of fans in user-defined time intervals). Electrical connections should be made according to the enclosed start-up and regulation instruction. The box should be supplied from the main switchgear equipped with the main switch breaker and differential protection.

ZS-... [-1;-2;-3;-4]/1 Power Supply/Control Boxes are designed to control 230VAC single phase and three-phase (single gear) fans [fig. 1]; ZS -...[-1; -2; -3; -4]/2 are designed to control 3x400 VAC three-phase (3~400V, two-gear) fans.


ZS control boxes dimensions

Type ZS-1/1 ZS-2/1
Height [mm] 240 280 400 500 500
Width [mm] 160 200 300 400 500
Depth [mm] 125 125 150 200 200

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