AS Condensing units

AS Condensing units

The AS units are intended for operation with:

  • freon cooling coils in air handling and cooling installations;
  • air handling units;
  • cooperation with freon cooling coil designed for RGS recuperators.

Product description

  • The unit is completely constructed in the plant and ready for fast mounting.
  • The integrated unit in the casing.
  • The unit is based on the ZR type Copeland compressors.
  • The compact design.
  • The typical components of cooling fitting available on the market.
  • The easy access during maintenance after removal of panels.

The unit is equipped with compressor, axial fan for cooling condenser, pressure switch of high and low pressure, filter - liquid drier, suction filter, sight glass - moisture indicator, shut-off valves.
The unit has the complete electric installation and can be easy mounted.
The condensing unit can be simply mounted at the designated location near the air handling unit.

Files to download

AS catalogue sheet pdf 25.01.2018 1MB