UGCH Heating and cooling unit

UGCH Heating and cooling unit

Heating and cooling units are used for heating and cooling of air in rooms such as: department stores, shops, supermarkets and in other places which needs heating in the heating period and cooling in summer.
In the unit the cooling function is dimensioning for heat exchangers. Additionally it gives the possibility of rooms heating with decreased temperature of water feeding.
The units should be placed at the max. height of 4m.

Product description

The units are offered in 2 sizes with one or two fans.
The unit consists of:
   -metal louvre heater/cooler
   -axial-flow fan
   -gutters accumulating condensate
The exchangers are made of copper pipes  with outer diameters of 10mm and aluminium fuses with  spacing of  2mm.
Connectors in standard version are with internal thread.

Working conditions

Feeding of the assembly is supposed to be two-pipe, i.e. “cold” water feeding in summer and “hot” water feeding during heating period. The exchangers may operate at pressure up to 1,5MPa.
There are tri-phase 400 V fans motors with power of 0,12kW and current input of  0,29A.
In case of cooling the condensate are carried away gravitationally via gutters under the exchangers and outlet pipes to sewage system. The units may be equipped with condensate pumps.

Files to download

UGCH catalogue sheet pdf 25.01.2018 1,17MB
UGCH manual pdf 14.02.2019 276,47KB
EU declaration UGCH pdf 17.08.2018 130,38KB