ROTON Ceiling-mounted heating units

ROTON Ceiling-mounted heating units

ROTON units intended for the installation under hall ceilings extends the offer of heating devices produced by JUWENT.
The units fulfil the role of destratification fans with air heating option.
The nozzle of the unit allows it to be used in the halls with the height of even up to 14 m.
In particular, it is advantageous to use such a type of the units in the facilities where there is a layer of warmer air under the ceiling.
The application of ROTON units helps simply to resolve problems connected with heating of many industrial facilities and ease of installation and used structure ensure low investment and operation costs.

The round heating and ventilation units are used in the industrial facilities, such as: industrial halls, workshops, warehouses etc.

Product description

The unit includes:

  • highly-efficient axial fan (~1300 RPM);
  • ring fin single- or double-row heat exchanger;
  • nozzle increasing intake air blowing range;

Working conditions

The heat exchanger can be supplied with heating medium with the temperature of up to 150OC and the pressure of up to 1,5MPa.
The unit operating as the heating unit operates at three speeds of the rotational speed controller.

Files to download