Electric heating and ventilation units TERM-E

Electric heating and ventilation units TERM-E

The TERM-E heating units with axial fans, metal casing and electric heaters are designed to heat rooms such as: industrial halls, workshops, warehouses, commercial pavilions, sports and entertainment halls etc.
The heating and ventilation units are made through adding roof or wall intakes and intake boxes for establishing a mixing proportion of fresh and circulating air to TERM-E heating units.
The units are adapted to work in a horizontal position as ceiling units and in a vertical position as wall units.

Product description

The unit includes:

  • axial fan;
  • electric heaters with spirally rolled aluminium finned tubes;
  • external casing made of lacquered steel sheet; 
  • protection net made of galvanized steel sheet against accidental contact with heaters,
  • options: single-row grid, slot ventilator or outlet nozzle.

The casing variant with the following items is recommended to use with the units which are planned to be operated as ceilings ones:

  • slot diffuser - for heating a zone of human presence by a secondary air stream;
  • discharge cone - for increasing a range of supply air stream.
  • At the client’s request the units can be manufactured with casing and heaters made of stainless steel.


Additional automation elements (option):

  • power and control box (AT) equipped with overcurrent circuit breakers, relays and  contactors, signalling lamps, switches: AUTO | STOP, 3-step power regulation and air flow capacity and HEATING | VENTILATION.
  • temperature regulator (RTA) for automatic change of heat output depending on the temperature in the room
  • time programmer (ZG) for control of unit’s operation in weekly mode.

Working conditions



Files to download

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